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An Inclusive Approach
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Women-owned, women-led and women-focused, Female Factor brings you a perspective you won’t find anywhere else. Women’s buying power extends across industries and continents, and so does our work. We have developed inclusive marketing and sales strategies for industries including automotive; consumer durables; retail; financial services; consumer packaged goods; professional sports; business-to-business and many more.

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Winning Her Business
Marketing Consulting

Marketing To Women Strategy Consulting

Female Factor brings you insights and knowledge from the front lines of female culture. We offer you a rare level of experience and depth on this market. Since 2006, we’ve conducted market research with women across industries and sectors. Our best-in-class perspectives will help you connect and inspire this crucial customer base.

Let Female Factor help you:

  • Develop strategies that differentiate your brand experience
  • Heighten the emotional connection to your brand
  • Optimize your brand "voice" for maximum relevancy
  • Map the contemporary consumer journey for your product or service
  • Create an inclusive approach that elevates the experience for every customer

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Why She Buys®

Interactive Programs for Team Learning

Why She Buys® Insights Labs and Workshops are team-based learning events based on CEO Bridget Brennan’s acclaimed book of the same name. Offered in full-day or half-day formats, we tailor each workshop for the specific needs of your group. We’ll bring insights, counsel and practical strategies that can be applied to a wide variety of business challenges, including marketing, sales, retail and customer-service environments. Participants will leave the workshops with “Monday Morning” strategies they can apply immediately.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Identify the four most powerful motivators for women buyers
  • Align product/service benefits with women’s needs and expectations
  • Assess business opportunities based on the demographic trends impacting women:
  • Create opportunities to improve engagement with women consumers
  • Develop strategies and tactics that resonate

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Winning Her Business
CX & Sales Education

Elevate the Customer Experience

Are your teams connecting with women buyers as effectively as they could be? Female Factor helps sales professionals increase engagement with the world’s fastest growing – and fastest changing - market. We educate customer-facing teams on communication techniques that help increase sales, loyalty and referrals. Above all, we help your team move from transactional to holistic customer engagement. Our tailored programs can be delivered through live seminars and workshops, videos or webinars.

Through our Winning Her Business® education programs, your team will learn:

  • Relationship strategies that help increase referrals, positive reviews and repeat business
  • The difference between transactional and holistic customer engagement
  • Common mistakes and "watchouts" to avoid with women as customers and clients
  • The Four Motivators® Framework for emotional engagement

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Why She Buys®
Market Research

Bringing You the Voices & Perspectives of Women Consumers

Female Factor brings you the voices and perspectives of women consumers. Our innovative research programs get to the heart of women’s changing expectations for your business. Let us help you with both qualitative and quantitative market research, and bring you powerful insights that propel your success.

Our research methods include:

  • Qualitative Research: Women’s Forums and Roundtables
  • Ethnographic Research: In-store, in-home, in-office or in-car research.
  • Concept Testing: Programs that give you valuable feedback on the appeal of your potential new product, service or sales environment.
  • Optimizing Quantitative Research Design: We’ll analyze your existing research designs to ensure that your approach and language resonate with modern women
  • Quantitative Research: Creation and execution of quantitative research programs.

Let Female Factor bring you and your team powerful insights that help propel your success.

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