The Seven Deadly Sins of Selling to Women

No matter how many times a woman sees an ad, or how much research she’s conducted online, the critical purchasing moment often comes down to that "last three feet of the sale." This is when she’s standing in front of a shelf or talking directly to a salesperson, trying to decide what to buy. It’s in this moment that mistakes are frequently made and sales are lost. In a highly practical and thought-provoking presentation, Bridget Brennan educates sales teams (of both genders) on relationship-building skills that increase their ability to earn the trust, business and referrals of women buyers. Brennan approaches the subject with the philosophy that women are females first and customers second, and that understanding female culture sets the foundation for success in creating win-win customer relationships. Participants learn communication skills and environment optimization to help increase close rates. This presentation is also available in a business-to-business module. Topics include:

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