The Salesperson's Guide to Winning the Last Three Feet of the Sale


Raise your game, increase sales and set yourself apart from the competition by developing the skill set that earns the business of women buyers. Elevating the person-to-person customer experience is opportunity number one for traditional salespeople, and it can be your most powerful differentiator against online competitors. When there are literally hundreds of places where a customer can buy your product or service, why should they buy from you? In this highly practical and thought-provoking presentation, Why She Buys author and Female Factor CEO Bridget Brennan educates sales representatives and client service executives (of both genders) on relationship-building skills that increase their ability to earn the confidence of women buyers. She sets the foundation for win-win client relationships that generate sales, referrals and repeat business. Participants will be inspired by Brennan’s galvanizing message that even in the smartphone age, nobody makes a buying decision with their thumbs. There is a heart and mind behind every purchase.


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